Because Pediatric Mastocytosis is a very rare disease, caregivers and patients have found it useful to carry medical information relating to their condition on their person at all times. Many parents of children with mastocytosis have opted to order Medic Alert bracelets for our children. Others have put together kits that they keep on them at all times when traveling.

Below you will find a list of helpful items to carry with you when you are traveling, or for everyday use, as well as information that many of us have included on our children’s MedicAlert bracelets.

Travel Bags

•    Any medication your child is currently taking.

•    A dosage chart for your child’s medications.

•    A list of contraindicated medications and activities for your child.

•    Your child’s MedicAlert card, if he or she has one.

•    Names and phone numbers of emergency contact people authorized to make medical decisions on behalf of your child.

•    Names and phone numbers of your child’s health care provider and any specialists he/she may see for mastocytosis.

•    Photocopy of both sides of your child’s medical insurance card.

•    A copy of the anesthesia protocol for mastocytosis patients.

•    A copy of Pediatric Mastocytosis article(s).

•    An Epi-Pen Jr., if one has been prescribed for your child.

•    Age, height, weight and blood type of your child.  


MedicAlert Bracelet Information

•    Diagnosis: Mastocytosis.

•    Subject to Anaphylaxis.

•    Treat with EpiPen.

•    Contraindicated medications.

•    Parent contact information.

•    Pediatrician contact information, as well as any specialists your child sees for mastocytosis.

•    Names and phone numbers for you and anyone else responsible for making healthcare decisions for your child.

•    All medical insurance information.

•    Cell phone numbers.

•    Any medication your child is currently taking.

If you live in the United States, visit MedicAlert online to find out about their products and services.  

If you live in Europe, here is a link for MedicAlert which provides medical bracelet services in the UK and Europe.