Welcome to Mastokids.Org, where we are Raising Children and Raising Awareness! It is our goal to provide a place where parents and caregivers of children with mastocytosis can come to learn, find support, and discover a safe place for their children to interact with other Mastokids.

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The Creation of MKO was done entirely over the internet... e-mails and chatrooms.“



"Happy Birthday, Mastokids! Celebrating 10 years of awareness, support, and friendship! Thanks for all our supporters for helping us reach this milestone."

On the tenth anniversary of Mastokids.org, we thought we’d celebrate by reminiscing about the journey of MKO that has brought us here today.   Obviously, a huge part of our history is how MKO came to be to begin with.  So we thought everyone might like to meet the founders of our organization and learn a bit about their journey bringing MKO to life.  Each Friday through Aug. 3, we will highlight one of our founders on a feature we will call Founders’ Friday. Please click here to meet our Founders.


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Mastocytosis is a rare disease whose cause remains unknown. What we do know is that the disease is the result of an overabundance of mast cells that are found normally within every human being's body tissues. Mast cells contain chemicals that are released into our systems to perform their various duties. In mastocytosis, the excessive number of mast cells release more of these chemicals than the body requires. The symptoms of mastocytosis are caused by the excessive amounts of chemicals interacting with body tissue.

Pediatric mastocytosis can take several forms, varying from mild forms to more severe forms of the disease. Any form of the disease presents challenges to raising children, and educating others on how mastocytosis affects their lives. We hope our site answers questions that arise for everyone involved in the lives of children with mastocytosis.

Mastokids.Org is non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. All individuals who participate in this non-profit organization are volunteers. No salaries are paid to anyone involved. All funds raised through our non-profit organization are used directly for sponsoring pediatric mastocytosis awareness, research and and for maintaining the non-profit organization.





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The information contained herein is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Mastokids.org suggests you seek the professional care of your child’s pediatrician, a dermatologist, or internist to determine if your child has mastocystosis and how to manage his/her symptoms.

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