The MastoKids community is hosting a virtual event during the month of February (Feb. 1-28) to raise awareness of pediatric mastocytosis along with Rare Disease Day (Feb. 28).

We have nominated all of the social media world to a #spotshappen challenge.

1) Take a photo or video of yourself creatively showing off your own set of spots (polka dot clothes, marker dots drawn on your skin, reading a children’s book about spots, driving a car with window marker polka dots on all the windows, etc.)

2) Publicly post to the social media platform of your choice using the hashtags: #spotshappen #mastokids #mastocytosis #rarediseaseday.

(Remember to change the privacy setting to “public.”)

3) Tag and nominate 10 friends!

Let's try to make our hashtags go viral.

*Copy and paste this to your wall and share it publicly to raise awareness and get the message out there!