About Us

  • Mastokids is a non-profit charitable organization, founded in 2002, by families who have children diagnosed with mastocytosis, and other interested people. Run by volunteers, Mastokids is dedicated to raising awareness of pediatric mastocytosis and to encouraging research of this disease. There is little understanding of pediatric mastocytosis and very little research being conducted. Our hope is to change that.

Our Mission

  • To support our children with mastocytosis and their families by providing an empowering environment that promotes awareness, education, and research into pediatric mastocytosis.

Our Goals

  • Support our children with unconditional acceptance and by creating an environment for self validation through opportunities for contact with other children with mastocytosis.

  • Support parents and caregivers by providing tools to advocate for their children in schools, with medical professionals, and with the general public.

  • Raise awareness of mastocytosis among caregivers, patients, educators, medical professionals, and the general public.

  • Drive research into pediatric mastocytosis.

  • Foster awareness of pediatric mastocytosis and support for children and families in the international community.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: Mastokids.Org will always act with integrity, with a firm adherence to a positive, sincere and dignified approach in all of our interactions.

  • Honesty: Mastokids.Org will always participate in, and encourage an open, honest, and candid exchange of information.

  • Respect: Mastokids.Org promotes an environment that demonstrates respect for all opinions and conveys open-mindedness/acceptance of all members. It also demonstrates, and highly values, a sincere respect for your child's privacy.

  • Teamwork: Mastokids.Org is enhanced by a team approach; our membership is encouraged to actively engage in projects and decision making for the enhancement of our organization as a whole. We will work as a team, with every member having a voice.

  • Focus: Mastokids.Org will always be rooted in a focus on the needs of our children.


To read the Mastokids Bylaws, click here