The MastoKids community is hosting an ongoing virtual event to raise awareness of pediatric mastocytosis along with Mastocystosis and Mast Cell Disease Awareness Day (Oct. 20) and Rare Disease Day (Feb. 28).

We nominate the social media world to a #spotshappen challenge!

1) Take a photo or video of yourself creatively showing off your own set of spots (polka dot clothes, marker dots drawn on your skin, reading a children’s book about spots, driving a car with window marker spots, etc.)

2) Publicly post to the social media platform of your choice using the hashtags: #spotshappen #mastokids #mastocytosis #rarediseaseday.

3) Tag and nominate 10 friends!

Let's try to make our hashtags go viral.

*Copy and paste this to your wall and share it publicly to raise awareness and get the message out there!


Remember that you can also nominate celebrities and youtubers along with your friends and family.