The name of this lotion does not do it justice — it’s better than magic. And if you're looking for information on “Magic Masto Lotion” (MML), you've come to the right place!

Nancy Gould, of New Zealand, developed a recipe for a lotion to apply to the skin which helps the “itchies” go away. Nancy is a nurse, originally from the US, who has systemic mastocytosis. She was hoping to find a way to increase the level of cromolyn in her system by applying it to the skin, and made this happy discovery instead. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing!

The Original Recipe for “Magic Masto Lotion”

•    1 tsp glycerin

•    ¹⁄4 cup of Vanicream¹ (ordered from the pharmacist, approximately US$15 for a 1-lb. tub)

•    5 ampules (tubes) of Gastrocrom or 500 mg of cromolyn powder²

¹ Vanicream can be ordered from the pharmacist. It costs about $15 for a 1-lb. tub. Other thick lotions may also work. Suggestions people have shared for other lotions are:

  • Trader Joe’s has a moisturizing cream that is thick and does not have mineral oil or lanolin, runs approximately $3.99

  • Desert Essence daily essential face moisturizer is a face cream that might also be a good option due to the thickness. It has no colors or synthetic perfumes, detergents, animal fat, animal ingredients or testing, runs approximately $4.

  • Aqueous Cream can also be gotten from your pharmacist. There is a thick base that is used for mixing preparations of water-based or water soluble medicines. It is definitely no-frills, with no perfume or color. If you mix it with Gastrocrom, it should turn into a somewhat manageable lotion.

² Gastrocrom (Cromolyn Sodium) is a prescription that will have to be written by your doctor. It comes 96 plastic vials, or ampules, to a box. If your pharmacist can get the powdered form of cromolyn (Nalcrom), it makes a more manageable cream.


If you cannot get Gastrocrom, here are two recipes for making MML lotion — one using NasalCrom, which is available in the United States over the counter (OTC), and another using Nalcrom, a powdered form of Gastrocrom that is available outside the US:

Recipe for “Magic Masto Lotion” using OTC NasalCrom®

NasalCrom® is an over-the-counter nasal spray that contains cromolyn.

•    2 tsp glycerin

•    1/2 cup of Vanicream or other thick lotion

•    1 whole bottle (0.44 fl. oz. size – 13 ml.) of NasalCrom®

Recipe for “Masto Magic Lotion” using Nalcrom powdered cromolyn

Nalcrom powdered cromolyn is available by prescription.

•    1 ½ ounces (just less than ¼ cup) Vanicream, or other mild skin cream

•    1 teaspoon Glycerin

•    Five 100mg capsules of Nalcrom

•    Mix, allow to sit 20 minutes, and mix again.